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Our main goal as a 3rd party record keeper is to improve and enhance the lives and businesses of those involved in BarterSaves. We have a deep passion for local business, and a personal understanding of the experience of the business owner.

Countless Fortune 500 companies and community “mom and pop” businesses use the $800 Billion Dollar barter economy to save their traditional cash and credit to increase profits. You now have access to potential financial leverage through bartering and at a more local and community level. Sure bartering is not nearly that big in the counties we serve, but it is big enough for you to be a part of something great at a local level!

At BarterSaves, our trade dollars represent the same purchasing power value as a cash dollar and is of equal value to the businesses who accept it. The difference is you can use your trade dollars to buy what you need to run your business or personal life without having to come up with actual traditional cash or traditional 3rd party credit. As your business accumulates trade dollars, your leverage and trading power grows and enables you to get more goods and services to help your business grow.

The BarterSaves solution is simple.

And you should have the confidence knowing that the barter economy is legal by our United States Government standards and via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code and legal Acts going back to the 1980’s. (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act signed into law by Ronald Regan in 1982) The IRS will treat your BarterSaves trade dollars as the same value as a traditional cash dollar. See your tax advisor for details. You can conveniently leverage your BarterSaves trade dollars for your personal life too! Both business and personal transactions within the BarterSaves ecosystem may require a tax (sales tax) payment, or other tax payment that you are required to pay directly as the business owner accepting the trade dollars. Of course, additional cash payments such as gratuities are per your own discretion and customary for some businesses. .

The beauty of working with us? We keep track and do all the record keeping and thinking for you! We’ll properly file with the IRS when applicable and also provide an IRS form 1099-B to each BarterSaves participating business at the end of the year, which will conveniently and clearly show the total value of all products and services that your business sold within the BarterSaves for that tax year!