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Imagine a click, a swipe and a customer for life!

BarterSaves delivers multiple ways to digitally market your business without investing your hard earned cash into the pay and pray advertising models of yesteryear. When you market your business, understanding technology and understanding the digital age is critical to scale the public awareness of your marketing messages. With BarterSaves, we help you grow by actively telling other business owners about your goods and services to our community and at no additional charge to you. We do this by providing our participating businesses abilities to do searches, business type and business name search through our mobile site, website or dedicated account manager. We also have a landing page via your customized business profile page and our database is robust! BarterSaves acts as a digital agent on your behalf by transmitting through various proven methodologies that will work for your specific business type. Additionally, you will have complete access to the exclusive BarterSaves community for you to tell other businesses about what you have without the excessive cost of building a costly multimedia advertising campaign. BarterSaves makes it incredibly convenient for other business owners to find your business and find all the things you can offer them because we are a 3rd party record keeper that tracks and documents transactions you make with other businesses, and also give you maximum exposure to all those other businesses.